Recession Fear and the Bond Yield Curve

Since December 2018, something rare has been happening to the US treasury bond yields and the trend is still continuing to today. The yield on bonds with durations longer than 1 year have been gradually dropping while the yield on bonds shorter than 6 months have slightly nudged upwards. This has finally resulted last Friday… Continue reading Recession Fear and the Bond Yield Curve

How Does EPF Deliver ~6% Dividend for 2018?

Over the weekend, the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) of Malaysia delivered an astounding 6.15% dividend for the Conventional Savings account and 5.9% for the Shariah Savings account. The news caught many people by surprise since 2018 was a particularly poor year for almost all asset classes globally. Even Lim Guan Eng, the Malaysian Finance Minister… Continue reading How Does EPF Deliver ~6% Dividend for 2018?

How Do You Solve A Problem Like PTPTN?

Wow, what a furore it was when it first dawned on PTPTN borrowers that the new Pakatan government won't be writing off their PTPTN loans after all. Then adding oil to the fire, the PTPTN chairman has proposed a tiered automatic salary deduction schedule changing the approach for the popular student loan collection from voluntary… Continue reading How Do You Solve A Problem Like PTPTN?

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